Stella’s year in pictures was very much a family affair! I have had so much fun photographing this wonderful family. Looking through their images you really get a sense of the adventure it is to have four children and two only 17 months apart. Stella and Max have laughed, they’ve cried, they’ve run away while the rest of us just tried to keep it together :) My baby planners graduating is always so bittersweet, boo hoo. Enjoy Stella’s first year~


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Luchiana was back to see me with a very special guest this time, she brought her daddy! Luchiana’s dad was working out of the country and just came to stay permanently. Since we got some amazing pictures of Luchiana and her mom at her newborn session it only seemed fitting we get some shots with her dad. I am in love with these, so, so sweet. Enjoy~












Sophia came back to see me just before she turns one, still such a pretty girl with the best lips ever! While we were photographing her she decided to try out a new trick and took her first steps right on my couch. I just love her expression in that series on photos, she looks so satisfied with herself :) Enjoy~










It’s hard to believe it but Cassel is a year old! I have photographed him every month starting from when he was a tiny 6 day old baby for the cover of his parents magazine- Inside SCV. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, (ok, he’s cried :) we’ve cuddled and goofed, and often he’s just looked at me like I’m nuts! I feel so blessed to have been able to watch this sweet baby and family grow. Cassel will be going to every three months for his second year, that’s if his mom and I can stand to wait that long. So pull up a chair and a box of tissues and enjoy Cassel’s first year:


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Meet one year old Olivia, she officially has the best cheeks ever! Olivia’s aunt and uncle own Truly Dry carpet cleaning here in the SCV. While Olivia was here for her birthday photoshoot they thought they’d get some shots of her for their new print ads. Looks for Olivia, Truly Dry Carpet cleaning, and my puppy Louise in a magazine or newspaper near you :)















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