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I could tell you that I have no trouble at all photographing my own children, but that would be such a lie! hahaha… In truth it IS NOT EASY. They cry, try to run away, pout, make silly faces… and that’s just the 12 year old :) I never get a whole shoot in in one day and have to ambush them in little bits and pieces when the mood seems right. Yesterday I told them I’d like to get a new picture of them all together. The eldest son of course balked, which is apparently his genetic duty as a preteen and jr high schooler.  “But you have lots of pictures of me!” I explained to him just how fast he is growing and changing, last year he was just up to my arm, this year he suddenly was up to my chin. He was so wonderful I just wanted to capture him right now so that I could remember what he was like at 12, so that I wouldn’t forget when he was grown and off to college. At that moment I could see that the hard shell was cracking exposing the soft nougat center as the corner of his mouth cracked into a smile and his eyes shined just a little. Today I would get my picture. So here are some recent favorites, including lots of out takes which, truth be told, are some of my favorites… but, shh… don’t tell them that!






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