Could that face be any sweeter?! Sophia was an absolute joy to work with and I really loved photographing the whole family. Gorgeous and sweet, what more could I ask for?












I always love it when families come back to me and I get to see them grow! I photographed Nicholas when he was a newborn, can’t believe he is already two years old! Mom brought some outfits and props that she was so excited to use for her shoot and definitely made these pictures one of a kind!












This is the family of my gorgeous cousin Kristy. I can not tell you how many of my clients have asked me about Kristy and her kids in the last 6 months. Kristy tragically lost her husband Ross to a heart attack last March when she was 6 months pregnant with little Jessie. We shot Jessie’s newborn session in June along with Ross’s teenaged son, Kristy’s 3 teenaged daughters, and then 15 month old Ricky. Well here they are back again, and look how these two have grown. Both babies are so sweet and joyful and just such a blessing. I would love it if you’d all continue to pray for Kristy and her kids, I’m so proud of the strong mama she is.

I had two days of awesome mini sessions this year, here’s just a few of the fabulous families I had the pleasure of photographing. Many of these families you’ll recognize as I photographed their little ones as newborns. Enjoy~

Meet sweet and darling Phoebe! She was just as much fun as she looks, what a lovely girl. Phoebe will become a big sister in January, looking forward to photographing her new brother.





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