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Recently I was contacted by a local company called Advanced Bionics, that manufactures cochlear implants, to take pictures of their patients in action wearing the devices. This week I had the privilege of photographing these two little beauties- Abigail and Lily! Their families were beyond lovely, and what amazing girls they are. I was struck several times during the shoots by what a profound experience it must be to see your deaf child hear something for the first time. After just a few months these girls are developing the normal toddler language skills we all take for granted, something they would have had little hope of before.  A few times during our shoot the girls stopped to tell us about something they could hear in the distance, not only did 17 month old Lily hear a dog she told us she heard a “woof woof” and made the sign for it too. I was beyond amazed. Enjoy the sneak peek!

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