Valencia Newborn Baby Photographer- About

I am a wife and mother of
four busy children who eats, sleeps, and breathes photography. I love, love, love my kids, my guy, my dogs, and my camera, a great book and a good cup of coffee.

Let's tailor your portrait session to capture the moments that are important to you- the tenderness of your husband with your newborn baby, the silliness between siblings, the joy you feel for each other. Your life... beautifully captured.

A constant admirer of art,
I never considered myself an artist, that is until I found my medium.
I've always had an interest in photography but after the birth of
my first child that interest really
grew into a passion. (somehow that child is 19 now!)

As a mother and photographer I
think what I've always
wanted to capture is a little more than what they look like,
a little bit of their essence to tuck away and save for later.

I hope when I am an old woman, when my perfect children are grown, I can pull out a photo of
one of my kids and feel it,
that "I love you so much it hurts" all over again.
This is what I hope to share with you,
the families I am so
privileged to photograph.

My background is in History and
Art History and I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities, with a
concentration in Art History, and a
Master of Arts degree in American
Cultural History and Classics.

I am a member of the Professional Photographers of America,
Professional Photographers of California, and the Santa Clarita Valley
Photographers Association. I have won numerous awards
including the Fuji Masterpiece Award for the state of California
and I was named the 2012 California Family Photographer of the Year,
top 10 photographer in the state of California, and
top 20 photographer nationally
by the Professional Photographers of America .

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