This is a very special newborn session, one it seems like I waited forever for! Meet my friend Janet and her lovely family. Janet’s son Zack was premature, born at just 31 weeks gestation. He is a happy and healthy boy now but spent months in the NICU and has suffered many health effects related to his prematurity. Last year Janet became pregnant again but her little girl Corrine was born at just 23 weeks, too early to survive. Corrine lived for just 30 minutes. You can imagine the excitement and panic when Janet realized she was pregnant again, with fraternal twins! Every week we all counted down, it was a long and scary road. There were months of bedrest, weeks of hospitalization, medical procedures to try and maintain the pregnancy. We all breathed a sigh of relief when she passed the week she lost Corrine, another when she reached 28 weeks and survival rates went up, another when she passed Zack’s gestation! Every week Janet’s friends got a bit giddier, how far could she go? By sheer will and determination and some amazing medical care the girl made it 37 weeks, delivering FULL TERM HEALTHY TWINS. Last week when we shot the twins newborn session several times we all just stepped back to look at them and cried… and now I’m crying again. What a miracle to watch unfold. A cause that is near and dear to Janet’s heart is the March of Dimes, doing the hard work everyday to prevent prematurity and support the families of premature babies. If you are so inclined please click on through and support the March of Dimes, every little bit counts.

Some of my very favorite babies were back to see me this week, first up is Stella! Stella is an 18 month old little lady now, she could tell me the sounds that every animal made, she can tell you her favorite color… Yellow! What a smarty. She was so cute to watch and still so spunky, love Stella. Enjoy~












Stella’s year in pictures was very much a family affair! I have had so much fun photographing this wonderful family. Looking through their images you really get a sense of the adventure it is to have four children and two only 17 months apart. Stella and Max have laughed, they’ve cried, they’ve run away while the rest of us just tried to keep it together :) My baby planners graduating is always so bittersweet, boo hoo. Enjoy Stella’s first year~


[mbspremium slideshow=1 width=”900″ title=”Stella” subtitle=”A Year in Pictures”]

Meet adorable Cole! Cole was a little older than most of my newborns at three and a half weeks. This age can be tough because they are just too alert and unpredictable, but as you can see Cole bucked that trend and was a perfect gentleman. I always try to move around my schedule to fit last minute newborns in, I’m so glad we were able to make it work and get newborn style pictures of Cole along with those first sibling shots with his 2 year old big brother! Enjoy~








Juliana was back for her 6 month pictures, she has grown so much since her last shoot and was just so, so cute! I’m sure I’ve mentioned it a thousand times but I’m a sucker for sibling pictures. With my own children it’s just so difficult to get everyone looking at the camera and looking great in one photo. Make that 3 children all under 5 and yup, it’s a challenge I’m determined to overcome! I just love what I got of Juliana and her siblings Caleb and Avery. They were all super sweet and cooperative, gold star for the bunch! I also love the sweet and airy springtime outfits we had for Juliana. Enjoy~












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