It’s hard to believe it but Cassel is a year old! I have photographed him every month starting from when he was a tiny 6 day old baby for the cover of his parents magazine- Inside SCV. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, (ok, he’s cried :) we’ve cuddled and goofed, and often he’s just looked at me like I’m nuts! I feel so blessed to have been able to watch this sweet baby and family grow. Cassel will be going to every three months for his second year, that’s if his mom and I can stand to wait that long. So pull up a chair and a box of tissues and enjoy Cassel’s first year:


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Cassel was back for his 10 month pictures, I can hardly believe how fast the year is going!!! I convinced his mommy they needed outdoor family photos, oh how I love getting outside this time or year! And… I love Cassel, so great combination :)













Cassel was back for his 9 month pictures with more sporty outfits! This time we have cozy mountain lodge and Miami cool going on. Cassel is the smiliest, cuddliest, happiest baby but when he was here for pictures… he wasn’t having any of it! His expressions crack me up though. I heard he was all smiles when he got home, stinker :)

Cassel was back for his 7 months photos, hard to believe but somehow he gets cuter each month. His mommy is lucky I just don’t keep him for myself :)

Cassel was back for his 6 month shots, and he brought props! Cassel’s mom couldn’t come today so these will all be a surprise to her, I hope you like what we did Jeanna :)





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