Meet sweet Sophia!!! Two and a half years ago I photographed Sophia as a newborn, last week she came back to see me for headshots. What a darling little girl, the curls, the smile, the personality, I was completely smitten and just wanted to keep her :)









Meet gorgeous 4 week old Ivanna and her sweet big brother, 3 year old Jacob! Jacob stole my heart, does he not have the sweetest smile ever? I bet he’s going to be one amazing big brother. Ivanna was so sweet and dainty and for four weeks old she did a fantastic job! Enjoy~









Last weekend my daughter and I were looking through our family photo albums and it made me realize I’ve been neglecting photographing my little ones, bad mommy! I have this OCD thing about wanting pictures of all four of them but the logistics of that are just so hard with the big ones getting older. Truth be told I have a million pictures of the two older ones together when they were little, why not the younger ones! I’m going to make a concerted effort to photograph them more often and catch that “littleness” day to day. So here are my babies Luke and Vaughn :)








Meet adorable Cole! Cole was a little older than most of my newborns at three and a half weeks. This age can be tough because they are just too alert and unpredictable, but as you can see Cole bucked that trend and was a perfect gentleman. I always try to move around my schedule to fit last minute newborns in, I’m so glad we were able to make it work and get newborn style pictures of Cole along with those first sibling shots with his 2 year old big brother! Enjoy~








Meet gorgeous 7 day old Freyja! Freyja was just so dainty and sweet, what lovely, delicate features she has. A few days after our session Freyja brought back her 14 year old sister Isabel for some sibling pictures. I thought a lot about how I wanted to pose them to capture their bond. While photographing the two of them I had one of those moments that just took my breath away. It was just as I’d envisioned, I love it when that happens! Enjoy Freja and Isabel~














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