I am about to show way too many pictures but I loved this session! Ella and Emma were so cute and had such expressive faces, I really enjoyed working with them. It’s rare I get kid sessions this time of year and wow, I love them! I’d be thrilled if more families scheduled kid sessions throughout the year instead of just at Christmas time.


Babyhood is so short. I love what I do because I get to freeze all the little nuances of being brand new. Gia is pudgy, and so soft, her little hair is fuzzy, she smells so sweet and… new :) Gia also has a big sister that just adores her. By the time Gia has memories of Sophia, Sophia will be a teenager… but, with these images we were able to catch “it”. All that love and pride is right there in Sophia’s eyes, in the ways she hold Gia and breathes her in. I love it when this happens, when a picture goes beyond someone posing for the camera.



And since I’m already being a complete sap today, we’ll just keep it rolling. This is my son Luke, he turned 8 years old on Saturday. I have no idea how the time has sped by so fast. Luke is so smart, he’s exuberant and joyful, he’s a caring friend and a great brother. We are so blessed to have him. And before you ask, yes I really gave birth to him. There were no Swedish nanny surrogates involved :)



I shot Madelyn with her sweet brother Collin for her newborn pictures and some sibling pictures about a year and a half ago. Then she was a perfect sleepy newborn, now Madelyn is a fiesty little toddler! Collin is just as sweet now as he was then. Madelyn gave us a run for it but it was a super fun shoot and I’m so happy with the final result. Enjoy~



This will be a first for me, I have never offered mini sessions! I have finally come to the realization that I am only one person and I have to find a way to streamline to accommodate all of the clients wanting holiday card sessions. It will be considerably less expensive for you and faster for me, more amazing pictures of more amazing clients. So here they are, my brand new once a year only mini sessions:


*** $499 includes sitting fee, your choice of 5 full resolution digital files, and 25 double sided 5 x 7 flat Christmas cardsĀ  with the option to add on additional cards, digital files, and products at a discount.

*** Sessions will be held Saturday November 12th and Saturday December 3rd, sessions will be 20-30 minutes here at the studio. All sessions will be shot on gray and white backgrounds. Due to the length of the sessions individual shots of family members, props, extended families, and newborns are excluded. Wardrobe should be kept very simple to insure the focus is on your family connection. Please e-mail me as soon as possible to book, spaces are limited.


A special thank you to the Katambwa and Glover families for being my mini session guinea pigs. These are the types of photos you can expect from your holiday mini session, enjoy~



This is a very special newborn session, one it seems like I waited forever for! Meet my friend Janet and her lovely family. Janet’s son Zack was premature, born at just 31 weeks gestation. He is a happy and healthy boy now but spent months in the NICU and has suffered many health effects related to his prematurity. Last year Janet became pregnant again but her little girl Corrine was born at just 23 weeks, too early to survive. Corrine lived for just 30 minutes. You can imagine the excitement and panic when Janet realized she was pregnant again, with fraternal twins! Every week we all counted down, it was a long and scary road. There were months of bedrest, weeks of hospitalization, medical procedures to try and maintain the pregnancy. We all breathed a sigh of relief when she passed the week she lost Corrine, another when she reached 28 weeks and survival rates went up, another when she passed Zack’s gestation! Every week Janet’s friends got a bit giddier, how far could she go? By sheer will and determination and some amazing medical care the girl made it 37 weeks, delivering FULL TERM HEALTHY TWINS. Last week when we shot the twins newborn session several times we all just stepped back to look at them and cried… and now I’m crying again. What a miracle to watch unfold. A cause that is near and dear to Janet’s heart is the March of Dimes, doing the hard work everyday to prevent prematurity and support the families of premature babies. If you are so inclined please click on through and support the March of Dimes, every little bit counts.





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