Meet Ellie. She is precious, with oh so chubby cheeks and big eyes. What a darling baby girl.

And some mommy bragging… Last week my littlest Vaughn turned 5 years old! Crazy that my baby is five. He keeps us on our toes for sure, but he is such a joy and blessing. In other news, I tried to take some artistic shots of my littlest two together and yeah… my days may be numbered for this type of thing :)

And lastly, it was dance recital weekend around here! All the dance moms out there know this means two full days of dress rehearsal and dance shows, exhausting but fun. My daughter had 8 different numbers and 8 different costumes this year. She sprained her ankle on Easter and we were touch and go all week, but I’m happy to say she pulled it off. I couldn’t be a prouder mama of my beautiful Julia.


Babyhood is so short. I love what I do because I get to freeze all the little nuances of being brand new. Gia is pudgy, and so soft, her little hair is fuzzy, she smells so sweet and… new :) Gia also has a big sister that just adores her. By the time Gia has memories of Sophia, Sophia will be a teenager… but, with these images we were able to catch “it”. All that love and pride is right there in Sophia’s eyes, in the ways she hold Gia and breathes her in. I love it when this happens, when a picture goes beyond someone posing for the camera.



And since I’m already being a complete sap today, we’ll just keep it rolling. This is my son Luke, he turned 8 years old on Saturday. I have no idea how the time has sped by so fast. Luke is so smart, he’s exuberant and joyful, he’s a caring friend and a great brother. We are so blessed to have him. And before you ask, yes I really gave birth to him. There were no Swedish nanny surrogates involved :)



I have gorgeous babies to share! Jordan was back for her 6 month pictures and Jake and Cassidy for their 3 month! Can you believe how much they have all grown???

Ryann was back for her 6 month pictures, I vote her the baby who looks the most like herself as a newborn! I would know this baby face anywhere. She is fun, happy, giggly and gorgeous, I wanted to keep her :)


Meet sweet 8 month old Georgie! What a lovely girl, Georgie was funny, happy, sweet and so full of personality I just wanted to keep her :) Enjoy~





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