It’s hard to believe it but Riley was back for her 9 month pictures! She’s come a long way from the five pound baby she started out as. I think by her next shoot she will definitely be walking, look how steady she is on her feet! Enjoy the sneak peek, much more to come…

Today I got to meet a cute one, 9 month old Sydney! Sydney was a busy, spunky little girl. She had the absolute best expressions and such an easy laugh, what fun! Sydney didn’t stay in one place for long but who cares when every look you give is this adorable. Enjoy the sneak peek, much more to come…

I have had the most fun week of shooting so far! I had 3 8-9 month olds in a row, one of my favorite ages for sure!!! They are just so smiley and pudgy, little balls of love :) I got a new bowl last week and thought it would be fun to capture each baby in it, love it!

First meet Genevieve! One of my baby planners back for her 8 month shoot. It’s hard to believe it but she really gets prettier every time I see her, and she was the most gorgeous newborn. When we took Genevieve’s newborn pictures we got some amazing pictures with her daddy, this time it was mommy’s turn to be featured.

Next is a new to me baby, meet handsome Zealand! We had fun getting some family shots and Zealand and I were fast friends right away. He was a joy to photograph.

Next is sweet Matthew! Matthew is another of my baby planners back for his 9 month shots. He is just the sweetest most darling boy! Watching my baby planners grow is really one of the most rewarding aspects of my job.

I love, love, love my newborns but I don’t know, after Miss Peyton 9 months old may be my new favorite age! Peyton came over today for a super secret photo shoot as a gift for her daddy. Now mom has assured me he won’t happen onto my blog but if you know this family, shhh!!! It’s a secret :) I seriously love these shots so much I want to print myself some wallets! Have fun trying to choose mom, they are seriously all this good! Enjoy the sneak peek, lots more to come…

And this shot just kills me! Peyton’s mom had these funny shoes she wanted to try and get a few shots with, you can see what Peyton thinks of them! I laughed so hard when I saw this shot I nearly peed my pants :)

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