In the first year of life a typical baby triples their birth weight! They go through so many milestones- first foods, first steps, first smiles, first giggles, first words. I love to capture each of those milestones and watch the babies I photograph grow and change with your family through the years. Some families come to see me every three or four months that first year, some come every month! Whatever schedule you’re hoping for I’m sure we can make it work, reach out and let’s get you booked!

Here’s Lillian and Leila back for their first birthday shoot this January, it’s crazy what a difference a year makes!


Sweet Matthew and Jayden just completed their first year of portraits with me, from 29 week tiny premies to rough and tumble one year olds, what a difference a year makes! Here’s some highlights from their year!
























Baby giggles always seem to brighten my day, and wow did this little boy make me smile! Tristan was an absolute joy to work with, they are always so fun to work with at this age.










My little niece Cassandra also had a birthday this Fall! Enjoy Cassie’s first year in pictures!


2013 is off to a very busy start and I am so far behind on blogging! I’ve set a goal for myself to catch up over the next few weeks, there’s just too much cuteness not to share it! Sweet little baby planners Jake and Cassidy had their first birthday, here’s a look back at their year with Laurie Sachs Photography. Enjoy~







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