Jake and Cassidy were in recently for their 9 month pictures, wow have they grown!!!

Well… summer is officially winning! We have been having a great time over here, swimming, playing at the park, watching cartoons in our pj’s… I’ve also been photographing some gorgeous babies! Having my kids mostly home on vacation though has caused my blogging to suffer! Her is my first attempt at catching up, enjoy 15 month old Georgie back to see me for another shoot, new baby planner 10 month old Rohan, sweet, sweet, 8 month old Sebastian, and gorgeous 6 week old Sadie.I was feeling the black and whites today :)

How about some gorgeous babies? Twins Jake and Cassidy were back to see me for 6 month pictures and sweet Jordan was back for 9 month shots. Jordan brought along her traditional Vietnamese New Year’s garment, stunning, right? These babies are so cute their parents are lucky I didn’t keep them.


I have gotten so far behind on blogging but I can’t bear not to share all of these gorgeous sessions. If I try to do them all individually I’ll never catch up so I’m going to do one great big post highlighting some recent sessions, enjoy!




































Cassel was back for his 10 month pictures, I can hardly believe how fast the year is going!!! I convinced his mommy they needed outdoor family photos, oh how I love getting outside this time or year! And… I love Cassel, so great combination :)

















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