Cassel was back for his 6 month shots, and he brought props! Cassel’s mom couldn’t come today so these will all be a surprise to her, I hope you like what we did Jeanna :)

Today Cassel was back for his 5 month shots, boy is he growing fast! We focused on getting some shots of Cassel and his pretty mama Jeanna. He was pretty well done with us at that point but we managed to get a few individual shots too! He’s so precious I just want to pinch his cheeks! OK, maybe I did pinch his cheeks :) Enjoy the sneak peek…


Today Stella was back for her 7 month pictures, wow is time flying! Stella was excited to show me some new tricks this month, she’s crawling, pulling up, bouncing on her knees, crazy! Stella brought some special knit toys with her, handmade by her grandma. Of corse we had to incorporate those. I hope you all all enjoying watching Stella grow as much as I am!

Today Riley was back for her 6 month pictures, make that 7 and a half months… her mommy wanted her sitting up well :) You may remember Riley from her newborn and 3 month photoshoots. We had a great time trying to get her to sit up and catching her little personality. Apparently sitting in a basket with a silly hat is hilarious! Enjoy the sneak peek, much more to come…

Today Stella was back for her 6 month photos, hard to believe she’s 6 months already… it seems to be going so fast! Stella and her mom and dad brought in some specials people for this shoot, both grandmas! I just love extended family shoots. I think it’s such a treasure for children to have pictures with all of the people that love them as they grow up. Enjoy the sneak peek, much more to come…





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