Outfits that are coordinated but not matching look great on camera. You won't necessarily look your best in the same outfit as your 2 year old, and your 12 year old certainly doesn't want to be dressed just like you, so don't feel compelled to get everyone matching outfits. 

Make sure everyone is comfortable in their clothes or it will show on camera that they're not. Avoid logos, lettering, and distracting graphics. Pick a color palette that you will enjoy hanging on your wall all year. 

I am a big fan of simple for studio! White ribbed tanks, tattered jeans, and bare feet are right up my alley. For newborn sessions keep it very simple and in one key, light, dark, or mid. 

I would also love to do concept shoots with nostalgic, romantic, old fashioned, or glamour looks. For some specific looks for outdoor family sessions click through to the blog below.

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